Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sick, sick and more sick!

This past week we all got really sick with a bad cold. Brent has been lucky enough to not have gotten it as bad a the boys and I. But I am happy to say that I think we are finally on the mend and saying adios to that nasty cold. We were able to have some fun in between Dr. appt. and medicine. Trenton was the goalie in his hockey game on Saturday. He did very well. His team won 5 to 4. I love the picture where Trenton's teammates are giving him a big hug and are so happy they won. After his game he wanted to go buy a new webkinz with his own money. I tried and tried to help him choose something I thought was so cute but he insisted on the bottle nose dolphin AKA (Flipper). We also got to go to Red Robin and celebrate Ethan and Kaden's birthdays. Despite how we were feeling it was nice to get out and see the world again. Trenton wasn't feeling good at all by the end of our time at RR so I took him in. He had a rough time at the Dr. with strep test and flu test both coming back negative. I hate it when I'm sick and I hate it even more when my sweet little munchkins are not feeling good. Hopefully we are all back to ourselves soon!

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