Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh we love the SUN!

This past week was so nice to have the sunshine and warm weather! Brent was off in Arizona at a conference so the boys and I lived it up. We stayed with Nana and Papa because I am such a chicken when it comes to staying alone. After the first night Trenton said the cutest thing....

T: "Mom I want to sleep in my own bed tonight"
M: "Well we can't until Daddy comes home because Mommy gets scared"
T: "Well just let me sleep in your bed and look I have really big mussels" (as he is flexing and showing me)

Kids say the cutest things and I love my kids so much....they make each day a little better! On Friday the weather was incredible. It was 72 and the sun was shining and there was no wind. A few friends and I decided to take our lunch and go to the park. The kids absolutely loved it. I had a great time watching them play and enjoy the outdoors. After we took the kids to play bowling. Trenton wanted to do it without bumpers so he tried the first time and decided the bumpers were the way to go. Crew did great carrying his ball and doing it all by himself. We had a great time. On Saturday I had a breakfast meeting for church so the boys went to G & G Martell's. The weather was pretty good so I talked Missy and her family into hiking Badger with me. It turned out nice. Thanks guys for going with me! It is really nice to have Brent back and to see how much the boys missed him. He had a great time and even came home with a sunburn. We are looking forward to spring break!

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