Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Couldn't choose WHITE he had to have BLACK!

Tonight was Trenton's last soccer game! This season he did very well and had a good team and an exceptional coach. He had a great time! Trenton/we were in charge of snack so of course since it was the last game we had to do something special so we did a soccer ball cupcake cake! So FUN!! We are now done with all our extra curricular activities. Trenton finished up with Summer hockey last night and swim lessons last week. We are looking forward to a fun and busy August. I guess we decided to save the fun stuff until the end of our Summer. Let the fun begin!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Swimming Fun!

We had a great time with our friends. We decided to have an "adult only" swim without the kids. It was really nice to visit and enjoy the warm pool. Most of the people couldn't come because they were out of town or had something else to do. But we still had fun because the coolest people did come. Thanks for a great time! And just for the record the Martell's should be in the Olympics for the swimming competition.

2 cute boys!!

I just wanted to say that I have the cutest boys in the world!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

*****Another FUN day at the water park******

This time we went to Hermiston to another fun water park. Lots of friends and family came to join us. It was hot and tons of fun.

Long haired boys!

My boys are so dang cute.....but they need hair cuts! They thought they looked like Daddy's porcupine hair. What do you think????

Enjoying some Summer soccer!

Trenton is loving soccer. He had a game last night and scored 3 goals and had several assists. He has been on this team 2 summers in a row and the kids are such good friends. I think it is funny that Trenton is such a womanizer. Must have gotten that from his Uncle Brady! Thanks Brady!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fun Summer Nights

We had a great time Saturday Night with the Moody's. They brought all the goods and we provided the place. So much fun. Hopefully we can enjoy more Summer nights like this. Thanks guys.

Othello water park!

We had a fun day at the Othello water park. As you can see Trenton wasn't above the water much. He had a great time practicing his swimming and playing in the lazy river with his cousins. Crew and Allie played all day in the kiddy part and loved every minute of it. Trenton and Turner waited all day until someone would let them go down the slide. They finally did and boy did they love it. Thanks Nana for taking us there!

Day 4 of Swimming lessons

The boys are doing so well at swimming. Crew has somewhat gotten over his fear of his teachers and doesn't cry anymore. I think what it really is, is the pool water is freezing.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 1 of Swimming Lessons

Both Trenton and Crew started swim lessons on Monday. Trenton loves to swim and enjoyed his lesson. Crew only likes it when I am in the pool with him. He did ok for the first 5 minutes but cried the for the rest. I hope it gets better!

Pretty in Pink

Crew played with his cousin Allie yesterday and look what she did to him!!!!!! Don't tell Brent!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Very busy, fun and exciting 4th of July

We had so much fun these past three days......spending time with our family! On Friday our family from Tacoma and around here came to our house to swim and play. We made fajitas and swam our hearts out. We went to Pasco to watch the fireworks and boy did we get a great show. They lasted 40 minutes. The kids got what they came for! The next morning we made our way to Othello to the Rolance's pond. This was so much fun. They had real water slides, fishing, swimming, rope swings and much more. The kids and the adults had a fun time. When we got home we went out to Allen's and road motorcycles and quads until the sun went down. We did take a few breaks to box, play capture the flag and kick the can. It was a really fun time with our family.

4th of July Weekend Fun!