Monday, June 22, 2009

June 2009

We have had a crazy fun Summer so far. Here are a few of our highlights......
Eating at Bombers Cafe......crazy kids!
Enjoying the FREE movie with good friends!

Trying out Mom's swim cap and enjoying swim lessons

Bomber's Soccer Camp

Trenton ripping it up! So proud of him!!!!

Waiting his turn

Slipping and sliding

Trenton and his friend

Bubbasita......she's a girl! Trenton finally agrees now that I showed him on the Internet!

Enjoying our beautiful backyard and warm pool

Practicing in the river for our race......which is coming up on the 4th of July!

Getting popcorn to enjoy during our movie with the Moody kids

So fun to be with friends!

Two fish in a pool......the boys have really started to swim so good!

Sports camp at the Baptist Church......It was free and fun!

Lovin swim lessons

Love these boys!
With school being out we do lots of earn our fun times!

Bubba a few weeks ago getting her first feathers

So happy that my Mom has a few months off from work to spend with us! We love her!!

Father's Day Celebration 2009

We did Father's Day early this year, because we were going to Seattle for the weekend. We had homemade Olive Garden and it was very Yummy! I am so thankful for my Dad and for the example he sets for me and my family. He is truly my biggest hero. I am also thankful for my father-in-law for all he does for our family. He is a great friend to Brent and I know our boys think he's great. I am very thankful for Brent and for the sweet relationship he has with each one of the boys. It takes a great Dad to work all day sometimes 12-14 hours and then come home and play hockey or hide and seek. The boys think he is the best and that's all that matters! Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's in our lives!

Bubba Update

Bubba is still growing like a weed. He loves rollie pollies. The boys get a kick out of him! The other day I woke up to both boys outside taking care of Bubba. We had left him outside all night for the first time accidentally and so the boys went right out to check on him. We have sure enjoyed the learning experience of having our duck.

Floating the Wenachee River

Our friends Steve and Ang asked us to float the river again with them this year....except it was a very different river than last year. Last year we went down the White Salmon a big drop like 13' and that was it. This year was full of rapids and lots of action. We had a great time and we survived so I was thrilled. We plan on doing the Tieton later this fall.

Trenton's Last Day of Kindergarten!

Trenton's last day of school has come and was a very sad day for me (the Mom) and for Mrs. Lipp and especially Trenton. He will miss his teacher, she was so awesome! He made some really good friends and yes some boys too. I know I didn't take any pictures of his friends that are boys but yes he loves all of his friends. He is so excited for 1st grade with Mrs. Legard.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Trenton's Fire Safety Day!

Trenton had a week of safety.......both the fire dept. and police dept. came to visit his school. He loved it and learned alot about fire and what to do in case of an emergency. It was a good review for our family. We needed to figure out our meeting place and talk about what we would do if our house was on fire. I love being able to work in Trenton's classroom and sharing all of these fun times with him!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ready, Set......SWIM

We spent most of the weekend working, cleaning and scrubbing the pool to make it sparkling clean for the Summer fun ahead! The boys were so helpful and excited it was fun to work together as a family to appreciate what it takes to get the pool ready to swim in. The boys have been in it non-stop since the water was filling it. I'm looking forward to many hot Summer days and enjoying some much needed swims in this pool. Thanks Daddy for all your hard work!