Sunday, February 22, 2009

Landscaping + Hockey = our week

Brent has been working all week to get ready for the Home & Garden Show. He gets a week to set up...3 days at the show.....then take it down in 2 days! Crazy I know but it's what brings us business! Every year he seems to amaze me. I can't say it is easy on either one of us. I get the kids by myself and he gets non stop work for a full week! It sure did turn out nice. Great job Hunny! Trenton had his first real game on Saturday. They tied 6 to 6. He did great.....we do have to work on his aggressiveness. My Dad tells me there's nothing to do he was just born with it and you just have to be proud of it. I am proud, I just feel sorry for the other players! It could be the other way around....I could be paying him for shooting the puck (right Missy). We look forward to his tournament in Spokane!

Trenton is standing next to his coach!

Trenton Raymond Tokarski

This is what I found on my camera today when I went to upload my pictures! It made me smile so I thought I would share! I love this kid so much!!!! My parent's call him Trenton Raymond Tokarski so now that is what he always wants to be called. Tokarski is after one of his favorite goalies from the Spokane chiefs. He pretty much loves ever goalie but has chosen his # for his jersey this season. When we went to Disneyland my Mom and Dad gave each of the grand kids $50 to spend on whatever they wanted......the only thing Trenton wanted was this spotted leopard who he now calls Tokarski. Kids are so fun!

This is Tokarski

Monday, February 16, 2009

Our week of love!

What a busy week full of love. We had 2 fun parties at our house and 2 fun parties at the boys schools. Brent is busy at the home show setting up this week so we are missing him, but can't wait to see what he has done! Trenton had a day off from school today so we headed to Chuck E Cheese. Why do I go there?????? Oh yah the kids love it! Yes we went to the crazy, expensive and busy CHUCK E CHEESE to give the kids something to do on their day off from school!

Missy and I had fun getting a Valentine pedicure, it's always fun with your Best Friend!

At our Friend Valentine party I wanted everybody to take a picture with this so cute pink heart!

We had an AWESOME dinner! Thanks everybody it was so fun to spend V-day with good friends!

Crew enjoying his Valentine presents from Brent and I

Trenton loved his hockey Valentine presents too!
Look at this spread......such yummy Valentine treats!

Trenton and his sweet teacher Mrs. Lipp

Trenton and his buddy Jermey--opening all their Valentines

I got to go help with the party in Trenton's room.....So FUN!

The kids talked me into getting "Crush" out to play

I can't believe I don't have a girl to share these cute clips with that I have been making!

Our Cute little Valentines

Opening Valentines with Crew
Crew with his AWESOME teachers Miss Tara and Miss Tracy

Crew and his Blue

Crew was so excited he was chosen to take Blue's Clues home with him for a few days. I don't think I have ever seen Crew so excited and in love with something. It was a fun time and so cute!

What a surprise!

We woke up to this.......on Thursday morning! 8 years ago on our wedding day we got snow like this too. We got married Feb. 10th 2001, our wedding theme was snowflakes so it was perfect to have the real thing. We even parked our snowmobiles next to the door where everyone walked in. Oh the memories...............

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy 8th Anniversary Baby!

Wow 8 years....and add the 9+ before that = some true love! I am so thankful to be married to this great person. I can't always say it's perfect but I do know that I love him more and more each day! I can't wait to spend Eternity together. I love you Brent! Happy Anniversary!!!!!