Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crew's 1st day of 4 day Pre-School

Crew is now in the 4 day morning at Gateway! He is adjusting but I think it will take him longer than Trenton because he is so shy! I hope he likes it. He has Miss Joan and Miss Sue.....and we love them!

Labor Day Weekend 2009

Our Labor Day weekend was very relaxing! We watched movies, enjoyed each other and played outside. We also had a fun day out a our cousins riding 4 wheelers. Papa and Nana bought the boys their own and they haven't rode it much so it was a perfect time and they loved it. Trenton got pretty brave and was getting a little crazy and Crew wanted to go non stop. We will have to do it again soon. Thanks Allen and Cherl!

Trenton's 1st week of 1st Grade

We officially have one in school all day.......can you believe it? I can't and I don't really like it. I miss him and still am having a hard time with him being gone all day! On the first day of school Trenton went right in and didn't even look back at me......oh how my heart hurt. I am not looking forward to him growing up! He is awesome and we do love to see him progress!

Crew's family Star War's Birthday!

Crew had a fun family party. He even had Dallas come! He was most excited about his Darth Vader cake and loved it so much! Cousins and Friends

Aunt Nellie.......your so silly!

Lovin his RT D2

Hi Buddy Dallas

Opening lots of presents!

Crew is 4.

Darth Vader

Crew and his bestest buddy Turner!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Crew's Star Wars Birthday parties!

Well our little Crewzer is now 4 and thinks he is as big as his brother.....or even his Mom and Dad. He stands next to us and says I'm as big as you.......well not quite! He had a great friend party and enjoyed celebrating with his 3 friends. They swam, ate, and played Star Wars. It was perfect and so much fun for Crew!

Crew, Kaden, Daniel and Quentin

Clone Troopers

The Birthday Trooper!

The boys singing "Happy Birthday" to Crew!

Crew loved his RT D2 cake!!!

Eating the messy blue frosting....but oh so yummy!

Opening Presents and loving every one of them!

Our Birthday Boy!

So excited about his Star Wars DS Game

Can't even take off the clone trooper helmet to play his game!

Happy 4th Birthday Crew!

End of Summer 2009

We had a great summer! One that I didn't want to end.......but came to an abrupt stop and I was really sad! We did lots of swimming in our pool with lots of friends and family. Crew and Trenton talked Brent into throwing them high!

Being crazy!

Enjoying Daddy!

Silly kids!

Trenton and his friend Tyler found this 1977 star wars storm trooper in the sand at Howard Amon park. Trenton became Crew's best friend!

Trenton and his buddy Tyler!

Crew and Trenton visited the dentist and checked out A ok. No cavities!

Moses Lake Water park with friends. Trenton was such a dare devil!
High Dive and all!

Enjoying the water
So happy they could enjoy the slides!

Not so happy......He tried all day to be 48" but still had a blast!