Monday, April 27, 2009

Catching up on the Martells

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Down on the Farm!

Today Trenton's Kinder class went to this little farm in Pasco. I got to go with them and even ride the bus. It was such a beautiful day and we had such a fun time! Trenton enjoyed seeing all the animals but did have a favorite......What do you think it was??????? Yes a black kitten!

This is the little black kitty that Trenton just loved and loved!
Trenton holding one of the ducklings

Petting the little cute

My favorite picture

Feeding the cows

Trenton and Mommy so fun to be together!

Oh yummy grass!

Trenton and Levi were partners today for the trip!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Love this time of year!

We love this time of could you not! The boys have played and played and played outside until they couldn't play no more. Papa took Trenton to the sneak preview of the new Planet Earth movie and Trenton said it was the best movie he has ever seen. I can't wait for it to come out. Trenton's Kindergarten class has been waiting for their chick and duck eggs to hatch and this week they did. They are so cute and I have found that I have a real animal lover on my hands. This is not good because Brent nor I like animals. We enjoyed a fun dinner at Red Robin with Missy and the kids on Friday then layed low for the night. On Saturday we went and picked up my new mtn. bike and I took Crew to Nana and Papa's and Brent took Trenton to his soccer game. I met up with Brent at Trenton's game...they killed them. Trenton scored 3 goals. He has gotten so good! Last month Brent and I decided that Trenton and Brent needed some one on one they did their 1st Daddy date and did lots of fun things. Trenton was thrilled and Brent said he had a great time being with Trenton. Crew went with Papa and Nana to our cousins in Hermiston for a birthday party. He had a great time with his cousin Hunter and can't wait to play again. We were able to go to dinner with some of our friends, it was fun to get to know them better. Over all I would rate our weekend at a 9 almost so dang perfect! If it weren't for those bees. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I am looking forward to some more sunshine!!!!
Enjoying some jeeping

Gavin loved the bark more than the toys at the park!

Crew taking Gavin for his first Jeep ride

Papa and Trenton headed to their movie night!
One chick hatched

Trenton holding the new chick

Getting ready to go to school on a very bright Spring morning

Trenton and Taylor enjoying their Red Robin

"Squirt" enjoying his first time outside
One tired little guy

My new obsession

I know most of you are probably saying what's next? Well I will tell you....this obsession is not new! I have always wanted to ride the STP (Seattle to Portland). My Dad my biggest hero has always loved doing triathlons, marathons, and bike races including the STP. Growing up I watched my Dad work very hard to obtain his goal to ride the STP in one day (202miles). Now that I am all grown up I have found that the past 2 to 3 years I have had a strong desire to ride the STP. I would love my hero to do it with me but I'm not sure he can with his back and all. So this past week our gym has starting a new class for Mtn. and road bikes. Well a road bike can cost anywhere from $1000- 4000 dollars. None of my friends have road bikes, but Raquel a friend of mine said she has a Mtn. bike and that we should start riding. So this is how my new obsession started......I went looking and Joe's is going out of business so I went and found a great bike that I love. Yesterday Raquel and I went for a 2 hour ride it was a blast! I loved it, I love my bike and I love being outside! So now you ask what's next......a Righteous Richland Sprint Triathlon in July and then I am looking for a road bike to start training for my goal of riding the STP. It gives me butterflies as Missy would say to even be thinking about achieving one of my biggest goals. A real big check off my bucket list. I know I will make my Dad (my hero) very proud! Today when I was talking to my Mom she said "girl you really are your Dad's child" and I said "yes I am ". I am so proud to be! I love you Dad so much! Thanks for being such a great example!

Trenton has 2 more down

Trenton had a dentist appointment last week and the dentist decided that since his two bottom baby teeth were not wiggle and the other big teeth were starting to come in behind that it was time to pull them out to make room. So Friday came and Trenton was so excited....because he knows that the Tooth fairy comes. He couldn't eat or drink 4 hours before so I was a good little mother and made him this cute little tag (you can see it in the picture) that said "I am going to the dentist today.....No food or drink please!" Trenton was worried he might forget so we just made him the reminder. He did great no food or drink. We went in and got all the work done and he did great. That night Brent and I were talking to him about the Tooth fairy and asking him what he thought the tooth fairy would bring for his teeth and he said "$100" dollars then it went to $500 so the tooth fairy did come but she brought him a little less $5.oo. He was happy and we think he looks so cute. Boy is he growing up so fast!

Friday morning before school--Notice the tag

Two bottom teeth before the dentist!
Waiting for the dentist to come in All done!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter @ G&G Martells

Grandma Martell and the boys with some of their Easter toys from their baskets!
Crew and cousin Payton

The boys-- Bob(Brent's Dad), Brent and Marv(Holli's Dad)

The boys with their Papa and Nana

Mommy and her cute little Easter bunny Crewzer!

Our little family after the big hunt! Notice how much stuff is in Trenton's bag!

Trenton hunting away

Ready, Set, Goooooooo

I got a GREEN one!

All the cousin's

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009 @ Nana & Papa's

As always the boys had a great time at Papa & Nana's! The Wagner's were also here so that always makes it that much better. Nana had made up a scavenger hunt for all the kids to find their Easter basket. She had them all over the neighborhood finding clues and then getting their Easter basket back at her house when they found their final clue. She is always so creative! Our boys loved it and thought it was the coolest thing! We had a wonderful dinner and then had a little fun outside. There is never a dull moment @ Nana & Papa's. We are so thankful for them and all that they do for us.
All of the boys got silly string in their baskets so we had to try it out and of course we had a little fight.......look who won! Thanks Tanner and Tyler

Allie and Crew

Brent enjoying his candy from the Easter bunny!

Trenton giving Papa a huge for all his cool things in his basket

Trenton loved his lil kinz Leopard from his Papa & Nana

This is Irving

Crew's newest smile

Loving his new dog (Concho) webkinz

Turner and Crew had such a good time together!