Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend 2009

We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. It was perfect except Trenton was gone camping with his Papa and Nana so we all missed him. He was back on Sunday so we were able to spend time together on Monday. Our weekend was packed with seeing the pirate ships, farmers market and Country Mercantile on Saturday, BBQ and friends on Sunday and family and birthdays on Monday! So much fun! May is a busy birthday month for our family......Dale on the 4th, Tanner on the 19th, Mom on the 20th, Tyler on the 24th and Heidi on the 29th. And then we try to squeeze Mother's Day in there some place. It is fun but seems to always be one big huge birthday bash. This year Papa surprised the boys with 4-wheelers. He even got one for my boys. They all loved it and had a great time riding on Heidi and Dale's new property. It will be fun when the farm is done so we can enjoy it. This holiday always brings to mind all the many wonderful people who have given their lives. I am thankful for all those who fight for my country and I miss all our loved ones dearly. All and All it was a PERFECT weekend!

Video of the big surprise!

Update on Bubba

Bubba has sure become part of our family. He is growing tons and is about 3 weeks old. The boys are so cute with him and love to take care of him and make sure he is ok. Trenton thinks it is so cool that Bubba thinks he is his Mommy. This weekend Trenton was away so Crew got to tend Bubba and he loved it. He even let him watch him play his DS and Bubba even helped him alittle. We are excited to see what the next few weeks brings with our new friend!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Trenton's Kindergarten Celebration 2009

We enjoyed Trenton's Kindergarten Celebration. He did a good job but seemed a little distracted. I only added one video....I thought it was kinda silly but cute! Trenton has done a really good job in Kinder and is such a good reader. He seems to be soooooo ready for 1st grade and is excited to find out his new teacher. Can't believe we are on the count down to the end of the year. I love this little boy so much and I am very very proud to be his mother!

Crew's Pre-School Graduation 2009

Crew has grown so much this year at Pre-School. We love Gateway and all that it has to offer. Crew had two wonderful teachers Miss Tara and Miss Tracy. He loved them both so much and I think he had a secret crush on one of them because he became so shy and limp when he entered the classroom. We are so proud of him and love him very much! I still needed kleenex and it is my second child......I don't know what my friends are talking about no crying. How can you not when you love them so much!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to my sweet Mother!

My the best Mom in the whole wide world. I love her more each and everyday and I am so glad I can call her my best friend! She is a true example to me and is everything I want to become. The love of our Savior shines through her every action and I am thankful that I get to feel that love always. I am thankful for all that she does for my family, my children and especially for me. Happy Birthday sweet mother of mine......I love you so much!

A few May Happenings

So thankful for the sunshine and good friends! We have enjoyed the outdoors so much the last couple of weeks and love all the many things we can see and do while outside. We have fed the ducks, been to birthday parties and had good friends over to play and we are so grateful for all of these things we get to enjoy!

Bubba our new Duckling

On Saturday we were just leaving to go do some errands and Brent said, "Did you know you have a duck in here?" Of course I didn't know we had a duckling in our garage! The first thing I did was call my parents to see if they did this as a joke. Nope they didn't know anything about it. So we headed to Farmer's Exchange to find out what kind of food and things we needed for our new little friend. It seems a little ironic that a few weeks ago Trenton's Kindergarten class hatched ducklings and chicks in their classroom. Trenton is a pro at taking care of Bubba and holding him correctly. We love our new friend and look forward to the next few months with him.

Baby Charly

My friend Tia had her baby girl.......Charly! We have been waiting for her for awhile. The boys are crazy about her and I am glad maybe this will satisfy them for awhile! Isn't her bow cute???? I am sure glad I got it at quilted bear in Utah!