Sunday, February 22, 2009

Landscaping + Hockey = our week

Brent has been working all week to get ready for the Home & Garden Show. He gets a week to set up...3 days at the show.....then take it down in 2 days! Crazy I know but it's what brings us business! Every year he seems to amaze me. I can't say it is easy on either one of us. I get the kids by myself and he gets non stop work for a full week! It sure did turn out nice. Great job Hunny! Trenton had his first real game on Saturday. They tied 6 to 6. He did great.....we do have to work on his aggressiveness. My Dad tells me there's nothing to do he was just born with it and you just have to be proud of it. I am proud, I just feel sorry for the other players! It could be the other way around....I could be paying him for shooting the puck (right Missy). We look forward to his tournament in Spokane!

Trenton is standing next to his coach!


Summers Family said...

I can't believe how beautiful that "yard" is! And to have to take it down - crazy! Your husband is very talented, and the hockey photos look great. Trenton aggressive?

Jessica said...

The display looks amazing! I can't wait to have a yard for Brent to beautify.