Friday, January 30, 2009

Trenton's in the NET!

Trenton got to taste how it would be if he were in the net...... He did great!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sledding Fun!

Quick Getaway.....To Leavenworth!

Since it was Brent's birthday, I wanted to surprise him with a fun over nighter with the boys. We were lucky enough to get our timeshare in Leavenworth for Sunday night so that we could go and enjoy some snow and sledding. It was big enough to bring along our friends the Moody's and we had a great time. The boys couldn't get enough of the sledding and we had great company to share it with. The weather was beautiful, the food was yummy and the trip was perfect!

Weekly Recap

We had another busy week. I am sure they just keep getting busier and busier as life goes on! We started this week out with a fun day off from school. My Sister and her kids came down for the day and spent it going to the movies with Papa and the girls shopping it up. It's always the best time when we are together! Trenton's hockey season is back and full speed ahead. He is doing great and seems to really enjoy it. On Friday we were able to go rollerskating with Trenton's school and boy is he fast. So fun to see him with his friends! On Saturday we had a birthday party for Brent......It was fun to visit and enjoy time together.

Happy Birthday to my AWESOME HUBBY!

We had a great week and an even better weekend. I will post more about it tomorrow! I just wanted to quickly say "Happy Birthday" to you Brent! I love you.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What's been going on in our neck of the woods!

This has been a fun and busy week. I feel like I say that every week, but it seems to get busier and busier each week. The boys have had a fun time with their DS's, they get an hour a day and I know they wish they could have more......if their Daddy is watching them it is always more than an hour! Trenton had his first team hockey practice. He did great. His teams name is the Penguins. We had a great time watching him skate. This month is my month for sharing time. I love to do it, but I do get very nervous. I enjoyed the topics I got to present "The Plan of Salvation" and "My body is a Temple". I included a pic of one of my handouts for the kids. I also included a pic of the towels we gave for our "It's Great To Be Eight" fireside. I think they turned out so beautiful. I was able to go skiing with a friend of mine and we had a blast. It was fun to get to know her better and ski with such a good diamonds and everything! It was a perfect day with a breath taking view of Mt. Rainer. Thanks to Brent I was able to go kid free for a day. Thanks Honey......I love you!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas Letter & Picture 2008

You will have to double click to make the letter and picture larger to view but here it is our 2008 Christmas letter & Picture! Enjoy!

Not much going on........

Not much really going on this week. You should all have gotten your Christmas/New Years Letter this week, if you didn't I am still needing your address so email it to me PLEASE!! I will also post it on here for your pleasure. I survived my first "It's Great to be 8" fireside. Our theme this year for our ward was "Pure as white as SNOW" so you can see some of what we did. I have the best Presidency and Secretary anyone could ask for. We made the snowflakes for the cupcakes and they turned out so dang cute. The towels we gave the kiddos looked so awesome, I have one more to do so maybe I can take a pic to show you. Trenton has also hit some milestones in our book......he can make his bed, get dressed and unload and load the dishwasher without help. I know I know most of your kids have been doing this for a long time and without your help but I didn't know when they should be doing it so I didn't try forever but how nice it is now that he can do this. He is a great help and loves every minute of it. He got a new responsibility chart from his Grandma Martell and he just thinks its the coolest thing and SO DO I!

Friday, January 9, 2009

When we were at California Adventure we were able to talk with "Crush" from finding Nemo. This was a big highlight of our trip! Enjoy

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Our Trip to Disneyland!

We had a great time in Disneyland, California Adventure and Sea World. Thanks to Nana & Papa it was a fun trip. The boys enjoyed their cousins and loved everything about each park. They both had their favorites.....Crew's was Toy Story at California Adventure and Trenton's was Indiana Jones at Disneyland. They both loved their talk with Crush and I have it on video when I can get it figured out I will post it also. The lines were alittle long but we seemed to do everything that we wanted to. Thanks for a memorable trip we love you Papa & Nana!!!