Monday, February 16, 2009

Our week of love!

What a busy week full of love. We had 2 fun parties at our house and 2 fun parties at the boys schools. Brent is busy at the home show setting up this week so we are missing him, but can't wait to see what he has done! Trenton had a day off from school today so we headed to Chuck E Cheese. Why do I go there?????? Oh yah the kids love it! Yes we went to the crazy, expensive and busy CHUCK E CHEESE to give the kids something to do on their day off from school!

Missy and I had fun getting a Valentine pedicure, it's always fun with your Best Friend!

At our Friend Valentine party I wanted everybody to take a picture with this so cute pink heart!

We had an AWESOME dinner! Thanks everybody it was so fun to spend V-day with good friends!

Crew enjoying his Valentine presents from Brent and I

Trenton loved his hockey Valentine presents too!
Look at this spread......such yummy Valentine treats!

Trenton and his sweet teacher Mrs. Lipp

Trenton and his buddy Jermey--opening all their Valentines

I got to go help with the party in Trenton's room.....So FUN!

The kids talked me into getting "Crush" out to play

I can't believe I don't have a girl to share these cute clips with that I have been making!

Our Cute little Valentines

Opening Valentines with Crew
Crew with his AWESOME teachers Miss Tara and Miss Tracy

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