Monday, June 22, 2009

June 2009

We have had a crazy fun Summer so far. Here are a few of our highlights......
Eating at Bombers Cafe......crazy kids!
Enjoying the FREE movie with good friends!

Trying out Mom's swim cap and enjoying swim lessons

Bomber's Soccer Camp

Trenton ripping it up! So proud of him!!!!

Waiting his turn

Slipping and sliding

Trenton and his friend

Bubbasita......she's a girl! Trenton finally agrees now that I showed him on the Internet!

Enjoying our beautiful backyard and warm pool

Practicing in the river for our race......which is coming up on the 4th of July!

Getting popcorn to enjoy during our movie with the Moody kids

So fun to be with friends!

Two fish in a pool......the boys have really started to swim so good!

Sports camp at the Baptist Church......It was free and fun!

Lovin swim lessons

Love these boys!
With school being out we do lots of earn our fun times!

Bubba a few weeks ago getting her first feathers

So happy that my Mom has a few months off from work to spend with us! We love her!!

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