Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Celebration 2009

We did Father's Day early this year, because we were going to Seattle for the weekend. We had homemade Olive Garden and it was very Yummy! I am so thankful for my Dad and for the example he sets for me and my family. He is truly my biggest hero. I am also thankful for my father-in-law for all he does for our family. He is a great friend to Brent and I know our boys think he's great. I am very thankful for Brent and for the sweet relationship he has with each one of the boys. It takes a great Dad to work all day sometimes 12-14 hours and then come home and play hockey or hide and seek. The boys think he is the best and that's all that matters! Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's in our lives!

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