Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Growing old with BUBBA

Bubba had many 1st this week......it seems just like our little baby! Not really much easier than a real baby but still fun to see all his first. We took him over to G&G Martell's to swim in the big pond and he loved it. The big Koi scared him but he seemed to run on water ok. He definitely loves to be around people and comes right to us when he gets scared. He is in his big boy cage now and seems to do good in there. He also got to spend time out in the yard in the baby gate and loved to do that also. Trenton wanted to take him down the water slide so Bubba got his first and hopefully his last ride down the big slide. I love that my boys love him so much and I am thankful our little family has had this experience. I am sure our good bye won't be easy!

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