Sunday, April 19, 2009

Trenton has 2 more down

Trenton had a dentist appointment last week and the dentist decided that since his two bottom baby teeth were not wiggle and the other big teeth were starting to come in behind that it was time to pull them out to make room. So Friday came and Trenton was so excited....because he knows that the Tooth fairy comes. He couldn't eat or drink 4 hours before so I was a good little mother and made him this cute little tag (you can see it in the picture) that said "I am going to the dentist today.....No food or drink please!" Trenton was worried he might forget so we just made him the reminder. He did great no food or drink. We went in and got all the work done and he did great. That night Brent and I were talking to him about the Tooth fairy and asking him what he thought the tooth fairy would bring for his teeth and he said "$100" dollars then it went to $500 so the tooth fairy did come but she brought him a little less $5.oo. He was happy and we think he looks so cute. Boy is he growing up so fast!

Friday morning before school--Notice the tag

Two bottom teeth before the dentist!
Waiting for the dentist to come in All done!

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