Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter @ G&G Martells

Grandma Martell and the boys with some of their Easter toys from their baskets!
Crew and cousin Payton

The boys-- Bob(Brent's Dad), Brent and Marv(Holli's Dad)

The boys with their Papa and Nana

Mommy and her cute little Easter bunny Crewzer!

Our little family after the big hunt! Notice how much stuff is in Trenton's bag!

Trenton hunting away

Ready, Set, Goooooooo

I got a GREEN one!

All the cousin's

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Brady and Jenna said...

Geez, you had quite the Easter Celebration. Looks like both grandparents do not spoil nor love your kids. haha!! I can't believe how big your's and your sister's kids are. Oh and Happy B-Lated Birthday. It's always fun to celebrate it more than just the one day.