Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not much going on........

Not much really going on this week. You should all have gotten your Christmas/New Years Letter this week, if you didn't I am still needing your address so email it to me PLEASE!! I will also post it on here for your pleasure. I survived my first "It's Great to be 8" fireside. Our theme this year for our ward was "Pure as white as SNOW" so you can see some of what we did. I have the best Presidency and Secretary anyone could ask for. We made the snowflakes for the cupcakes and they turned out so dang cute. The towels we gave the kiddos looked so awesome, I have one more to do so maybe I can take a pic to show you. Trenton has also hit some milestones in our book......he can make his bed, get dressed and unload and load the dishwasher without help. I know I know most of your kids have been doing this for a long time and without your help but I didn't know when they should be doing it so I didn't try forever but how nice it is now that he can do this. He is a great help and loves every minute of it. He got a new responsibility chart from his Grandma Martell and he just thinks its the coolest thing and SO DO I!

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