Monday, January 25, 2010

No School = Mom+Dad Ski trip with Trenton!

We have been wanting to take Trenton skiing for some time now and decided that we should today! Trenton had no school for teacher workshop but we knew that most kids did so we decided it would be a relaxed day at the slopes. Brent was not to excited because he needed to work and thought that skiing with a child that had never skied could be a lot of work in itself.......but it turned out to be a perfect day! We all had a great time and found that Trenton is one heck of a skier! I was always told never to go on the platter pole and as a child I was taken straight up to the lift. Brent thought we better try it once to see how Trenton did.....he had been telling us that he knew how to ski and was going to do flips and everything so we didn't know what to expect! Well he showed us up and was ready for the next level. We did that lift twice and then headed straight for the quad all the way up the mountain. We continued on this lift for the rest of the 12 times. There were no lines and Trenton did all the green circles and blue squares at White Pass. He even went through the trees and tried several jumps! We are very proud! Sorry for the bragging!

Lovin the QUAD!

Hit some powder!
Mt. Rainer peeked through!

Give me some of that!

Brent's graceful wipe out!

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