Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nellie & Jody's Wedding week

What a fun week! Nellie is my cousin but also one of my best friends. I know back in the day all we did is fight but today we are more like sisters. I love this girl! Several years ago Nellie's mom Aunt Sue died of breast cancer so are family are even closer than we were before which is pretty darn close. We miss Aunt Sue so much and think of her often. The week of the wedding my heart was especially tender for Nellie.....I knew it was going to be tough to not have her mother there on her wedding day. I know she was there in spirit and I could feel her there! The wedding week started with a fun night out to pizza at Hubby's and then over to look at Nellie and Jody's house that they are having built. Thursday was spent at the Moses Lake Water park. It was tons of fun. We ended that night with a BBQ at our house. Friday we had a shower for Nellie at Anthony's and she even got one of my Mom's cute aprons. It was nice to be with the girls. We headed over to set up the wedding stuff and then off to Allen and Cherl's for another family get together. Saturday was crazy......lunch with the girls, doing flowers with Nellie, decorating and helping Nellie get ready. It was something I will always remember and something that I had tons of fun doing. Thanks to my in-laws Nellie had the most beautiful wedding. We used their backyard and it was Perfect! I hope that Nellie and Jody have a long and happy life together! Love you guys!

The Happy couple at the water park!

The boys having a great time!

Nellie's shower and cute apron!
FUN pictures....I love to take them!

Olive Garden lunch with the girls!

Getting the beautiful bride ready!

Nellie and Sister seeing each other for the first time! She was absolutely breath taking!

Nellie and her Dad walking down the isle
My Aunt Sue's Chair......we miss you!

Me and Nels

I Love this guy!

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