Wednesday, September 9, 2009

End of Summer 2009

We had a great summer! One that I didn't want to end.......but came to an abrupt stop and I was really sad! We did lots of swimming in our pool with lots of friends and family. Crew and Trenton talked Brent into throwing them high!

Being crazy!

Enjoying Daddy!

Silly kids!

Trenton and his friend Tyler found this 1977 star wars storm trooper in the sand at Howard Amon park. Trenton became Crew's best friend!

Trenton and his buddy Tyler!

Crew and Trenton visited the dentist and checked out A ok. No cavities!

Moses Lake Water park with friends. Trenton was such a dare devil!
High Dive and all!

Enjoying the water
So happy they could enjoy the slides!

Not so happy......He tried all day to be 48" but still had a blast!

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