Monday, July 20, 2009

San Diego 2009-- Hunter Factory Trip all I can say about our trip to San Diego. We had such a fun time and loved all the new things we learned and got to see. Well we tried to leave early on Thursday morning but Brent and I got to the airport 5 minutes to late, so they put us on the next plane to Salt Lake which was an hour later and then we arrived an hour after everybody else had gotten to San Diego. All the hustle and bustle was very worth it. A few months ago Gordon our Sales Rep from Hunter Sprinklers talked to us about coming and seeing the factory in San Diego. Well.......let me check my schedule.....he didn't have to ask me twice I was ready to go that day. The trip was very well organized and fun every single minute. We started out heading up the coast to a little taco shop on the beach. It was so yummy and Ang even got her fish tacos on our first stop. We then headed to the factory and met a few people and got all kinds of goodies.....shirts, cups and hats. We were able to visit a few parts of the distribution and testing interesting. We checked into our hotel (The 4 Seasons) nicest hotel I have been too! Fresh squeezed juice and cool wash clothes. The palm trees and weather were breath taking. The company had hired one of the wives to make us dinner and it was sooooo yummy. Homemade rolls, salmon, pork chop and lots lots more. Friday we headed back to the factory for more touring and building of our own sprinklers. They taught us step by step how to make the PGP and had us race. So fun! The owner of Hunter Industries was so friendly and down to earth. He met us at the carousel where we were making our sprinklers. We got pictures with him and he autographed each one of our master pieces. Needless to say I didn't win the race but I do make a good looking sprinkler. When it was lunch time the event coordinator took us to lunch at the Argyle a nice restaurant on the Arnold Palmer golf course. After lunch we got a phone call that told us we had spa appointments so we headed to the pool then off to the spa. We never wanted to leave it was pure heaven. We met up with the boys and got ready for our night. We had dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant called "The Chart House" very good steak and seafood on the beach. It was so fun to watch the sunset and enjoy good company! Saturday was filled with fun at the Wild Animal park, lunch at a sushi/typan restaurant, pool, beach and then dinner. We definitely had a great time and appreciate Hunter sending us on a dream vacation to sunny California.

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Brady and Jenna said...

Wow! You guys were sure pampered. What an awesome company to do all of that for you. We love sushi, and that looks soo good!I'm sure you guy's didn't have a good time. ha!