Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sssooooo CCCCold

This week has sure been one to remember! I don't know if I want to remember all of it but for the most part it was good. Our theme for 2009 in Primary is My Eternal Family so we worked on this bulletin board with the other ward and now we are matting each families picture in black and putting them around the temple. I will post more as we get it done! We also are all ready for Christmas with the gifts for the primary kiddos and we took treats to all the teachers and other primary workers today. SO I feel a little more relieved. I hope to get our families gifts wrapped and ready for next week. Oh and I just remembered that I better start packing for Disneyland!!!!! Yahooooo!!!!! Well the boys wrote their letters to Santa awhile ago but we just got around to going to the mall to send them and visiting Santa. All Trenton wants is a DS game and Crew would like a Zamboni. Wow Santa has it easy this year! Brent and I were able to go to the temple with a group of friends and then back to our house for some goodies and a long round of "I've Never". I know we had fun and I learned lots about everybody. Saturday was little Gavin's birthday party. Talk about a cute kid and an awesome party. His mommy made such a cute cake, she colored all the decorations and made a fabulous dinner and I even liked the chicken that Steven over cooked :) Trenton loves Gav so much that he decided to miss the hockey game to stay and party with him. Crew on the other hand was excited to go to the game with his Pops as he calls him. As you can see Trenton was sooooooo excited about the would have thought he had never seen it before. It is sure beautiful but it is soooo cold out, I hope its warm in Cali.


moodymadness said...

"Even though I've been pretty naughty"....Holli, you crack me up! I laughed so hard!

SunnyD said...

ZAMBONI!!??!?!? That is too funny. I love it.