Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas is just around the Corner!

We had a fun filled week. We started the week decorating the house and tree. I did all the little stuff and Brent did the whole tree all by himself. Doesn't it look AWESOME??? I am thankful he learned so much from working at his Mom's gift shop. The boys had art projects and Aunt Nellie gave us a gingerbread house kit to was so fun. I made it through my first Primary Activity. It was pretty easy, I didn't have to plan it some of the girls did the invites and we showed up to some very happy old folks and sang our hearts out. Trenton really enjoyed it especially all the treats! It was PJ day on Friday so Trenton got to get in his Christmas Pj's and eat porridge. It was so cute to see all the different Pj's. Brent and I went to a fun holiday party at our friends the Lotts and enjoyed some good games and no I didn't end up with the toilet seat it was a hot item. We ended up with a cute chocolate house and Ned's Head (a children's game). The next morning Missy and I had a baby shower for our friend Amber who is due in like 8 days, it was very fun and lots of people came. Crush and Squirt are doing great, loving their home and we keep adding new things to make it more enjoyable. We are all so excited for Christmas and all that it has to teach us about our Savior. I love this time of year and look forward to the next few weeks.


Jessica said...

Wow, Brent! Nice job on the tree--I'm impressed! Will you come do mine for me when we get settled? I think I'll be too tired.....Hope you guys have fun in Disneyland! It's such a fun time to go. They say it's the busiest time of year, but I've only ever gone at Christmas--ENJOY & see ya soon!

Shady Brady said...

I cant believe that Holli didn't help. This is the first time I've heard of the wife not taking over to do it her way. Ha ha just kidding Holli. Brent nice work, it looks good! I can't believe you got rid of your fish, although I don't blame you. I'm sure you've noticed some extra cash in your pocket since you made the transition. Hope all is well and talk to you guys soon.