Sunday, November 30, 2008

Trenton's Friend Party, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas Decorating!

We had a great week together surrounded by friends and family. As you know Trenton's birthday is the 28th so we let him take a few friends to dinner and the hockey game. He chose to go to his favorite "OLIVE GARDEN" for dinner and then to the game. The boys had a blast and it was fun to see Trenton have the time of his life. Crew also enjoyed being with his big brother and all of his friends. We woke up on Thanksgiving and relaxed for awhile and then headed over to Brent's parents before we went to my parents for the big feast. It was very yummy and we ate our hearts out. I just love this time of year! The boys had the best time with their cousins drinking chocolate malts, eating pie in the hot tub and wrestling whenever possible. I don't look forward to training my children how to obey and not be so wild, but it is all worth it. Friday morning came way to early with Missy picking me up at 3:40am to make it to our annual Black Friday shopping. We got lots of fun stuff and can't wait until Christmas morning. This year will be a little different because we are going to Disneyland that day but it will be a time never forgotten. Today we started the Christmas decorating. The boys are so funny this year, they are all into it. Wanting to help with everything. So fun. I love my family and look forward to making lots more memories.


Andrea said...

Isn't Black Friday shopping so much fun! Waking up early and dealing with the long lines and rough crowds is a favorite Thanksgiving tradition. I drag Flint out with me and he is a pretty good sport. Ready for Christmas?

Thompson Family said...

I made one stop Friday for portable DVD players for the airplane ride this week. I left my house at 4:30 and was home and in bed by 5:30... what a scrooge I am :-) Sounds like you guys had a great Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for don't we!!