Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another busy Week!

The fun has just begun! This week Trenton only had 3 days of school and he has no school next week, so they celebrated his birthday alittle early. It was really cute how his teacher magically celebrates each childs birthday. As you can see they use a fruit of their choice to hold their candle and they can have spankings or hugs. Of course Trenton chose spankings.....he must not get enough at home. :) He also had his Thanksgiving feast, which consisted of butter, popcorn and fresh squeezed orange juice. His class was in charge of making the butter, so he shook a jar of milk until it turned into butter. How COOL! Crew had his Stone Soup family day at school on Thursday. Since Trenton was out of school he was also able to join us. It was so cute and very yummy! Friday we had Trenton's family birthday. He wanted fettuccine so we had our own little Olive Garden dinner right here at home. It was so YUMMY! He enjoyed playing the wii that his Grandpa Bob brought over to share with us and he loved playing his new DS games with his cousin Tyler. He got many fun gifts and it was really AWESOME! On Saturday we went on a drive like we do alot and Brent needed to bid a job in Kennewick so we were just driving by this pet store and Brent decided we should go in and show the kids some animals, since they love them so much but will never have one. So we were looking at all these smelly animals and we came upon these cute little tiny Tortoises and we fell in love. We thought..... we have just the place for them in our unused saltwater tank. We headed home to clean it out and bring back all our stuff to trade for our two new cute additions. "Crush" & "Squirt" are 6 months old and Cindy Plankton said they will live to be "150" years old. We hope they are around for awhile we love them. As Thanksgiving draws near, I wanted to share some of the things I am thankful for.......
1. I am so thankful for all of my family, I love them so much.
2. I am so thankful to belong to the true Church of Jesus Christ
3. I am so thankful to have a hard working husband
4. I am thankful for my home and all the things that help me to live a happy life.
5. I am thankful for my health
6. I am thankful for my friends
7. I am so thankful for the Missionaries who taught Brent the gospel
8. I am thankful for the temple and my eternal family
9. I am thankful for the teachers who teach me and my children
10. I am thankful for everything!
Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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