Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A big 1st at the Martell's ---SCHOOL!

WE all survived! I can't believe I actually survived a morning on my own without two little sweethearts tagging along. Trenton and Crew both started school today. Trenton had no worries just couldn't wait to get there and get in his class. He was awake at 6:00am asking when it was time to go. Crew on the other hand loved taking Trenton to school but wasn't quite sure about going to his big pre-school all by himself. He cried when we left but was having a great time when I got there to pick him up. His first comment was "why you not stay with me....you not go home". SO dang cute. I love to see my boys start new adventures in their lives but it breaks my heart when I am not with them. So here's to a great first year of school.


moodymadness said...

Ohhh! Look at those big boys! What a great post!

Thompson Family said...

so sweet!! I hope you are enjoying your 'mom' time. I know its hard to get used to at first but trust me, you will find ways to survive :-)

I hope the first week went well for everyone!