Sunday, August 10, 2008

White water rafting!

Wow what a thrill. Brent and I went on a very fun white water rafting trip. Our friends Steve and Ang invited us to a weekend of fun. We all conquered the 10 foot waterfall and managed to stay in the boat. It was a awesome experience. Thanks Guys!
If you want to check out our play by play of the waterfall go to and click on find my photo and then click on River Riders 8/9 PM and you should see our pics we are about #48. Brent has a purple helmet and I have a red one. I am the one ducking way before we go down the waterfall. Don't laugh!

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Wendy Christensen said...

THIS looks like it was SO fun!! I went ww rafting once the summer before I started college and I remember screaming for about 3 straight hours!! It was crazy fun and it scared me out of my mind :) hence the screaming - :) :)