Monday, August 18, 2008

109 Degrees of pure sunshine!!!!

I was in seventh heaven this past weekend. A friend of mine goes to Palm Springs every year to have some R&R. I was lucky enough to get to go with her this year. We left Thursday morning early and arrived in Palm Springs by 1:30 it was wonderful. I spent most of my time in the lazy river soaking up some good California rays. I must say I could get use to that. We ate at some good restaurants including The Chop house, California Pizza Kitchen, Las Casuelas and IN & OUT. I was also able to sneak in some Jamba when ever I could. We all had a great time. Thanks Krista & Tabby!

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Thompson Family said...

This is where I was born! My dads family all still lives there, I love it :-) When I was younger I don't even remember the heat bothering me. Now when we visit it does (and the fact no one has air conditioning but swamp coolers) but it still is gorgeous. How fun for you to get away!!!