Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Papa's Trip to the North Pole

My Dad went to Alaska this past week for another successful fishing trip. He has a good friend that lives in Bethel Alaska so they met in Anchorage and did some good fishing. I had to share this because first of all I think my Dad is the best, and second because he went to this place that is so cool called the North Pole. Have you heard of it????? My kids were so excited.....well really I was. Anyway it wasn't the real North Pole but it is where kids send letters to Santa and the whole town is decked out in Christmas stuff. So Cool. I attached some photos enjoy!


moodymadness said...

That is so fun! Now that would be a cool place to take the kids!

SunnyD said...

That's awesome!!! I bet your boys were soooo excited!

I'm going to be dreamin of this place when it's 115 degrees this summer.