Sunday, June 1, 2008

I I Captain!

We had a great Weekend! Trenton got invited to a fun Pirate birthday party. From an abandoned ship to crocodiles and even a real treasure chest full of jewels. The kids had a great time. I think the best part for Trenton was getting together with his friends from school. Happy Birthday Isaac! Brent and I went out to eat at the new Famous Dave's. It was friends and family night and some how we ended up with tickets and free food. It was really good. I think its way better then Tony Romas (Sorry Moody's) I am excited to have some new restaurants. Now all we need is Jamba Juice and Cafe Rio.


Wendy Christensen said...

Holli - It was great to chat at the big Pirate gathering! Love the boat picture :)... We'll have to get Lauren and Trenton together!!

moodymadness said...

Cute pictures, Holli. I'm jealous you got to go to Famous Daves!