Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Snowing Like Crazy

We have been lucky enough to get lots of snow. Well lots of snow to us! The kids wanted to go out and build a snowman so we did. Check out the picture of Crew--he is eating the snowman's nose. I guess he was hungry. He did give it back to him. Here are some of the pictures from our fun in the snow.


Jenna and Brady said...

Cute pictures I'm glad you guys have a blog so i can get to see who Brady is talking about all of the time. He sure loves your family. Hopefully I can meet you all soon.

Landon & Kara said...

Nice to meet you! I used to get all of my backgrounds free from digital scrapbooking sites, now I just shop online for paper and save it as a picture. Here is my photobucket website - http://s160.photobucket.com/albums/t161/lkhagberg/. You're welcome to anything there. And if you love scrapbooking, here is a great site for ideas (and background paper) if you haven't seen it already: twopeasinabucket.com - Good luck!

Jenna and Brady said...

Man the boys are getting so big every time I look at a picture! They are cute little buggers. You should bring them to Utah, we have a lot of snow and they would love it. Paradise and Logan just got dumped on and have two feet of snow and I'm going snowmobiling tomorrow. Woo hoo!!

The Thompson Family said...

Hey Holli,
It was crazy finding your blog! I love these things. Your boys are adorable. Funny I saw the pics Sunny took of them because she did my kids pictures too. Such a small world. I hope you guys had a nice Christmas and that 2008 and will be great for you.


moodymadness said...

Holli! I love it! Thanks for all your help on my blog! YOU ROCK!