Monday, January 21, 2008

Fun in the Snow at Camp Zarahemla

We just returned from a fun weekend at Camp Zarahemla. It was very fun sledding, playing games, acting crazy and telling stories. Several families from our ward joined us and made it a perfect trip. I think my favorite part was playing mafia........ya right. For those who were there you know it wasn't but I did have fun watching you all lie. I did find out that my friends are all a bunch of good liars. We all ate very good. I know that Brent said he gained 10 pounds! Which is good for him but not for me. I will need to go to the gym 3 times a day. To top it all off we went to Miners for dinner. Oh but it was good. The kids had a blast doing whatever they could. It is definitely a trip we will all remember.

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Jenna and Brady said...

Ya that was all that I used. I tried to keep the stripes showing on the chunks i put in the cookies. (It made them look cuter, and sadly I'm a perfectionist!) Hope all is well. Things sounded fun at Camp Zarahemla. Cute pics too..