Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Boo Hoo Hockey is Over! For this Season anyway!

We definitely had a great season! Both boys made some big accomplishments and worked really hard! Trenton played on the Rockets a mite team. He was able to travel to several places and play in some really heated games of hockey. Brent and I enjoyed every minute of each game. His end of the year party was fantastic......the team rented a pool at the Clarion hotel and had yummy Nothing but Noodles cater it. The highlight of the night was getting the collage of memories from the season. Such an awesome team, wonderful new friends and lots of great games. What more could you ask for! Crew also had a fun time this year in hockey. He struggled with keeping his legs straight and standing up but by the end of the season you wouldn't have known that he had any trouble at all. His assistant coach Jimmy gave him a special award "Most improved skater" and an official American's hockey puck. Crew was so excited and we were very proud of him. We definitely will miss all our hockey family and look forward to next year!

DSing it in the hallway at our hotel!

Enjoying pool time at the end of season party!

Trenton's special collage from his Coach

Best buddies

Hockey Moms

Enjoying time with friends

Crew and Coach Jimmy

Showing off their trophies! Way to go boys!

Lovin playin on the ice!

Lovin him some hockey!


Amy and Nate- Our Little McFamily said...

Your boys are so cute! I'm so impressed that they can skate and play so well at such a young age! Way to go boys! Great pictures too- What a fun team party!

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