Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Fun Few Days!

We have had a fun past couple of days......
The boys love to go to G&G Martell's.....they have the most beautiful yard and coolest koi pond. The fish are so friendly they just let the kids pet them and feed them right out of their hands.
Missy and I went out and about for an hour and we came home to this. The Dad's were in charge can you tell?????? The kids had tons of fun.

Trenton and Crew got a big surprise this past weekend........Crew loves to jump on the trampoline and Trenton has always wanted one so we gave in and got them one. Trenton was so hoping for a black dog. Sorry Trenton!
May is our birthday month.....Dale, Tanner, Mom, Tyler and Heidi! We had a great time being together and celebrating.

Trenton is growing up so fast.....he is down to his last 3 days of Pre-Kinder! He has made such good friends.

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