Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blog Break

Sorry for the long break from blogging. I haven't really had anything to blog about. These past few weeks we've been keeping busy with the start of T-ball for Trenton, enjoying a few sunny days and getting ready for the big birthday month. In May we have 5 birthdays & Mother's Day to keep us busy. Yesterday we went to Desert Aire and then off to Othello for one more April birthday. Turner our Nephew turned 5. It was a super hero party and since Crew thinks all super hero's are AWESOME he loved it. Trenton was just happy to see his boys and play rough. My sister even made each kid their own cape with their initial on them. Aren't they cute! Brent had a meeting in Desert Aire so we made it part of our little trip. Here are a few pics of the past few weeks. Enjoy!

Crew, Tyler and Trenton
Crew in his cape

Turner the Birthday Boy!
Uncle Brent with sweet little Allie

Loving the superman cake! Can you tell?

Trenton hitting a homerun

Crew trying to stay warm at T-Ball
Enjoying a park in Desert Aire

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Wendy Christensen said...

Welcome back to the 'blog world' :) Sounds like May is going to be ultra busy for you guys!! Cute photos (as usual) ...