Friday, February 22, 2008

Trenton's BIG Lip

For the past two days Trenton has had a big/huge top lip. He is so tough that he just said it hurt and went on with his day. Last night Brent and I were laying there with him and we decided to check it out with a flashlight. He was really good showing us all his teeth and then........I saw this big bump above his front tooth. When Trenton was 2 1/2 he was at Pre-School and he hit his mouth on a toy outside. We took him to the dentist and he said we could pull it or leave it and watch it. Of course I didn't want my cute little boy to not have a front tooth for 5 years so I said lets just watch it. Well the time has come and we now have an abscessed tooth and he will be getting it pulled on Monday. I am a little sad to have to do this but what the heck he will look like a really Hockey Player! Right?


moodymadness said...

And can you believe he's just as cute w/ a fat lip?! So I'm sure he'll be just as striking w/o a front tooth! Hopefully that toothfairy has been saving up cause he's sure gone through a lot w/this tooth! It's worth a fortune!

Jenna and Brady said...

Poor boy!! He definitely will look like a real hockey player now.